Shave every day or wax once a month, the choice is yours!
Waxing is an effective way to make body hair thinner, grow slower and make the skin silky smooth. For successful waxing, hairs must be at least 7 mm long. It is usual to have 4 weeks between waxing.

For Brazilian, bikini line and armpit waxing, we use ItalWax Film wax.
First, the skin is cleaned and prepared for waxing. Then wax is applied. Wax is applied regardless of hair growth direction and is removed without streaks. The adult has a comfortable temperature. Finally, a soothing lotion is applied to the skin.

For calves, thighs and arms, we use ItalWax roller wax with strips. Here, too, the skin is first cleaned and prepared for waxing and it all ends with a soothing lotion for the skin.


  • Wax Brazilian 550 kr
  • Wax bikini line 360 kr
  • Wax legs 430 kr
  • Wax thighs 450 kr
  • Wax calves and thighs 760 kr
  • Wax armpits 240 kr
  • Wax arms 410 kr
  • Wax upper lip 230 kr
  • Wax chin 230 kr
  • Wax nostrils 230 kr
  • Wax chest 710 kr
  • Wax belly 710 kr