Facial treatments

Give your face the care it deserves with one of our facial treatments. We have a large selection of different facial treatments. The skin gets a deep cleanse, a feeling of freshness, renewal and a youthful glow.

Due to increasing material costs, we will adjust our treatment prices from March 2024 to maintain the quality you expect when you visit Amber SPA. We appreciate your understanding.

Klassisk hudpleie med ESTHEMAX

A classic facial treatment is adapted to your skin type and gives the skin energy and glow.

In an Esthemax treatment, you will always receive a skin analysis so that the treatment is tailored to your skin condition and your needs (everything from pigment, signs of aging, rosacea, acne, blockages).


Cleanse, peel, neck/scalp massage, highly concentrated ampoule and hydrojelly mask from Esthemax as well as finishing products.

TIME: 50 min
PRIS: 1099 kr

Anti AGE Contouring behandling med ESTHEMAX 50+

The optimal treatment for a special occasion!
Argireline (or Acetyl hexapeptide-3) is a neuropeptide known to target fine lines and dynamic lines/wrinkles.
Argireline has an effect on nerve/muscle communication, and is suitable
therefore excellent for reducing the visibility of dynamic lines/wrinkles. In addition, Argireline stimulates collagen production, while increasing the moisture level in the skin. The combination of these effects leaves your skin youthful, hydrated and glowing.


Cleanse, Peel, Neck/Scalp Massage, Argireline Conturing Face Mask From Esthemax, Highly Concentrated Ampoule And Hydrojelly Mask From Esthemax As Well As Finishing Products.

TIME: 60 min
PRICE: 1490 kr

Deep cleaning with ultrasound

Ultrasound peeling is a gentle and effective method for differentiating the skin, which is thereby cleansed of dirt, dead skin cells and clogged sebaceous glands. Ultrasound peeling is a painless method and does not leave irritation and edema.


Cleanse, deep clean with ultrasound, special mask, day cream with SPF.

TIme: 40 min
PRIS: 859 kr

Deep cleaning including steam

Facial treatment for all skin types. Therapy that normalizes skin that is out of balance. A deep-acting treatment with thorough deep cleansing. Works against blackheads, inflamed acne and sebum accumulations.


Cleanse, Enzyme Peeling, Exfoliation With Steam, Special Mask (Esthemax Green Tea Face Mask), Day Cream With SPF.

TIME: 50 min
PRIS: 1159 kr

Green peel with Bioline

This treatment is perfect for those with sensitive/hypersensitive skin, acne, acne scars, pigmentation spots, lines, oily skin and for those who just want a fantastic glow!
The Purity System is a Herbal Peel with 9 different herbs + AHA and BHA acids as active ingredients. These are proven to give visible results on impure skin, large pores, Seborrheic eczema, uneven skin tone, gray/dull skin. Grönn Urtepeel is a fast, deep-acting treatment that gives an immediate result!
We recommend 3 – 5 treatments at one week intervals for maximum effect!
This is a good treatment for everything from young skin with a lot of acne, to mature skin that needs more glow and moisture.


Cleanse, Green Herbal Peeling, Mask, Face Massage, Cream.

Time: 40 min

Pris: 1099 kr

Mini skincare

A lunchtime treatment is perfect for a break during the lunch break, or if you want a shorter treatment.


Cleanse, enzyme peeling, face mask and day cream are adapted to your own skin condition.

TiME: 25 min

Pris: 759 kr

Face and decollete massage

Facial massage stimulates blood circulation in the face and contributes to healthier, glowing skin.


Cleanse, facial massage and day cream. 

TIME: 25 min
PRIS: 729 kr