Facial treatments

Give your face the care it deserves with one of our facial treatments. We have a large selection of different facial treatments. The skin gets a deep cleanse, a feeling of freshness, renewal and a youthful glow.

Klassisk hudpleie med ESTHEMAX

A classic facial treatment is adapted to your skin type and gives the skin energy and glow.

I en Esthemax behandling vil du alltid få en hudanalyse slik at behandlingen skreddersys din hudtilstand og ditt behov (alt fra pigment, aldringstegn, rosacea, akne, tilstopninger).


Rens, peel, nakke/hodebunnsmassasje, høykonsentrert ampulle og hydrojellymaske fra Esthemax samt avsluttende produkter.

TID: 50 min
PRIS: 1050 kr

Dyprens med Ultralyd

Ultrasound peeling is a gentle and effective method for differentiating the skin, which is thereby cleansed of dirt, dead skin cells and clogged sebaceous glands. Ultrasound peeling is a painless method and does not leave irritation and edema.


Rens, Dyprens med ultralyd, spesialmaske, dagkrem med SPF.

TID: 40 min
PRIS: 850 kr

Dyprens inkl. utklemming

Ansiktsbehandling til alle hudtyper. Terapi som normaliserer hud som er i ubalanse. En dypvirkende behandling med grundig dyprens. Virker mot sorte prikker, betente akner og talgansamlinger.


Rens, enzyme peeling, utklemming med damp, spesialmaske (Esthemax Green Tea Face Mask), dagkrem med SPF.

TID: 50 min
PRIS: 1150 kr

Green peel with Bioline

This treatment is perfect for those with sensitive/hypersensitive skin, acne, acne scars, pigmentation spots, lines, oily skin and for those who just want a fantastic glow!
The Purity System is a Herbal Peel with 9 different herbs + AHA and BHA acids as active ingredients. These are proven to give visible results on impure skin, large pores, Seborrheic eczema, uneven skin tone, gray/dull skin. Grönn Urtepeel is a fast, deep-acting treatment that gives an immediate result!
We recommend 3 – 5 treatments at one week intervals for maximum effect!
This is a good treatment for everything from young skin with a lot of acne, to mature skin that needs more glow and moisture.


Rens, Grønn Urte-Peeling, maske, Ansikts massasje, krem.

Tid: 40 min Pris: 990 kr

Tid: 50 min Pris: 1290 kr

Mini skincare

A lunchtime treatment is perfect for a break during the lunch break, or if you want a shorter treatment.


Cleanse, enzyme peeling, face mask and day cream are adapted to your own skin condition.

Tid: 25 min

Pris: 750 kr

Face and decollete massage

Ansiktsmassasje stimulerer blodsirkulasjonen i ansiktet og bidrar til en sunnere hud med glød.


Cleanse, facial massage and day cream. 

TIME: 25 min
PRIS: 690 kr