Lashes and Brows

Beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows are relevant at any age for a woman, because it emphasizes the shape of the eyes and can change the facial expression. By coloring your eyebrows and eyelashes with us, you don't have to apply make-up yourself in everyday life.

In Amber SPA, the most professional eyelash and eyebrow cosmetics from Refecto oil are used. It is a hypoallergenic cosmetic, which does not damage the hair's structure. It lasts up to 6 weeks.


Lamination gives a natural result. The lashes become visually longer and have a finer shape. The lashes are bent thanks to a special lamination technique. To make the lashes more intense, they are also colored along the way. A filler is used to enrich and plump the lashes, and finally keratin is used to fix the lashes. The result is most visible on lashes that are very straight and downward pointing.

Bryn Lamination

Brow lamination is suitable for almost everyone. First and foremost for those who have strong, downward pointing and full brows where everyday shape does not help. The owners of problematic and very thin brows will experience getting a very nice volume. Please note that lamination does not produce the desired effect if you have few and rare brows. In that case, you should let your eyebrows grow out first.
The lamination effect lasts an average of one and a half to two months. Lamination makes everyday life easier because you save time by shaping your brows every day. The face gets a finer expression thanks to neat, well-groomed and full brows.


  • Shape and color of brows 550 kr
  • Shape brows 430 kr
  • Color brows 330 kr
  • Color lashes 330 kr
  • Color lashes and brows including shaping 730 kr
  • Brow lamination including coloring and shaping 890 kr
  • Lash lift incl. dyeing 990 kr
  • Package lash lift and brow lamination 1600 kr