What's better than silky smooth skin? Just even smoother skin! Sugaring gives long-term results and less hair growth.

Sugaring is our most popular hair removal method. It is less painful. The treatment is particularly suitable if you have sensitive skin. Forget ingrown hairs! It is usual to have 5-6 weeks between treatments.

Briefly about sugaring:
The sugar wax is applied manually against the hair's natural growth direction, which allows the sugar wax to seep into the hair follicle. This helps to lubricate the hair root for better attachment. The hairs are pulled out in their natural direction of growth. The hairs collect in the lump of sugar. Surface residues can easily be washed off with water.
Try it and you'll find out!


  • Brazilian 650 kr
  • Bikini line 450 kr
  • Legs 550 kr
  • Thighs 590 kr
  • Armpits 265 kr
  • Arms 465 kr
  • Upper lip 230 kr
  • Hake 230 kr
  • Nostril 230 kr