With our gift cards, you can give away delicious treatments to those you love. You choose the amount, they choose the treatment. With us, you can buy gift cards both on the website and in the salon.

"Digital gift cards" on the website and in the Fixit app are quick and easy to buy. Choose an amount and pay online, create a personal greeting and send the gift card straight to the recipient's mobile phone. The recipient can use the gift card to buy treatments and products from us. The gift card can of course be used to pay for all or part of treatments or products, so you can be sure that the gift card you give will be appreciated no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions

We call the gift cards sold on the website and in the Fixit app "digital gift cards", and they work in much the same way as normal gift cards, only that they are easier to buy and send to a recipient. You buy digital gift cards online or in an app, and the gift card is delivered with an SMS to the recipient's mobile phone. You can either choose to send the gift card immediately, or you can schedule the delivery for a specific date and time. The gift card can be opened and viewed by the recipient on a website on the mobile, and it is also available in the Fixit app for those who use it.
When you buy a digital gift card on the web or in the Fixit app, the recipient will receive an SMS from the sender's mobile number with information that the person has received a gift card that can be used with us. In the SMS there is a link to a website where the recipient can see the gift card and any personal greeting from the sender. If the recipient uses the Fixit app, you can see the gift card in the app.
Once you have received a digital gift card, the recipient can order the desired treatment with us. When it has been completed and is to be paid, the recipient must open the digital gift card on the mobile, press the button "Use gift card", and then the salon's employee scans the bar code that is displayed and the gift card can be used to pay all or part of the amount to be paid.
Digital gift cards can be used to purchase treatments and products in all our salons. Feel free to book an appointment with the Fixit app or via our website when the gift card has been received and you have decided what you will use it for.
The validity period of the digital gift cards is indicated under "Details" when you buy a gift card, and the recipient will see the exact expiry date of their gift card on the front of the gift card, directly above the "Use gift card" button. The expiry date is the same as the last working day the gift card can be used for payment in the salon