For those who want to relax from everyday stress. In the daily race between work and home, we must not forget what is most important - ourselves.

Classic Relaxation

This massage is specially designed to reduce muscle tension and relax the whole body. The massage includes both head and foot massage.

Time: 80 min

Price: 1590 kr

Aroma Harmony

Therapeutic and deeply relaxing full-body massage where you can choose the aroma massage cream you like best. The massage includes a relaxing head and foot massage.

Time: 80 min

Price: 1790 kr

Mini Relax Pakke

Treatment includes Classic back and neck massage and Mini skin care. 

Classic back massage and neck massage with firm pressure to improve circulation in the back. Strong gliding strokes and stimulating movements help relieve muscle pain and leave you feeling energized and lively.

Mini skin care includes cleansing, enzyme peeling, face mask and day cream adapted to your own skin condition.

Time: 50 min

Price: 1590 kr

Amber Luxury Ritual

Deeply relaxing and moisturizing ritual for soul and body. The treatment starts with a full body massage and a relaxing foot massage. Continue with facial treatment adapted to your skin type. It all ends with a deliciously relaxing head massage.

Time: 110 min

Price: 2390 kr